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Welcome to the Devices 4 Disabilities Student Club.  This student club is an official student chapter of the Tetra Society of North America.

Our club's activities are part of the Tetra's "Youth in Transition" project, which involves students at nine colleges and universities in the Greater Toronto Area and the Peel region.  As participants in this project, we engage with students who are looking for custom-developed assistive devices (devices that assist circumvent barriers that arise as a result of disability, typically physical disability in our case).

Members of this club can come from any program or department at York University.  The club members will work closely with the Lassonde School of Engineering to ensure that Tetra projects for students with disabilities will be built on-site, here at York University.

Interested to Join the Club?

Please contact Zareen Rahman ( and/or Brandon Haworth ( or The Devices 4 Disabilities Executive Team at (

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Do you Require a Custom-Developed Assistive Device?

If you would like to request a Tetra project through the "Youth in Transition" project, please use the Tetra Society's Request for Assistance (RFA) Form.


President Brandon Haworth
Vice President Nitzia Savdie
Treasure Syed Abidi
Secretary Steven Dhingsa
Advertising Executive Laura Gonzalez
Social Coordinator Laura Gonzalez
Volunteer Coordinator Zareen Rahman